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Financial Statements

Financial statements are an important part of any business, not only helping you track your profitability for tax purposes but also essential for helping you track your business growth. Financial statements are structured records of your business and it's financial activity; reporting your profit/loss and equity all in one place. In addition to this they have also been used for banks and finance companies when applying for finance, so getting them right is essential to your growth and future.

Income Tax Returns

Tax returns are unfortunately a compulsory part of a business, they are the reporting of financial results to the Inland Revenue Department. These income tax returns must be completed on an annual basis and generally, result in penalties (which can accumulate and become hefty) if not completed. Thankfully AMTax Solutions can ensure these are completed on time; giving you back your time and ensuring your business doesn’t pay more than it needs to.

Xero Training & Support

Xero is a user friendly, cloud based accounting software system geared for small business’s. Multiple Xero packages are available, assisted by skilled support and training, you will have the ability to choose what best fits your business needs. Accurate financial information is at your fingertips with this system. Accountants are also able to produce financial statements directly from Xero; saving your business time and money.

GST Returns

if your business income exceeds $60,000 it is compulsory to become GST registered with Inland Revenue Department; you can however elect to register voluntarily if your business income is under $60,000. Goods & Services Tax (GST) is an additional 15% tax on most business income & expenditure, with some exceptions. When you register for GST you are agreeing to file regular GST returns, you can elect to file these on a one, two or six monthly basis. It is important to ensure you register for GST before you reach the $60,000 threshold; this ensures you don’t have backdated GST returns to file and your business avoids unnecessary penalties.


With work life balance being in the forefront of most proprietor’s minds, and the need to ensure your business books are up-to-date and accurate, we offer bookkeeping services leaving you more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

Xero Conversions & Xero Advisory Service - AMTax Solutions Ashburton

Why I Use Xero

Xero is user-friendly, cloud-based accounting software offering you the freedom to access your information from anywhere that works for you (geographically and from all your various devices). 


There are plans available from a simple cashbook system to a full invoicing system with the option to include foreign currency. 


Xero makes GST returns and annual accounts easier and more transparent, and as your accountant, we are able to work from the same system as you (as opposed to taking your information and re-working it into a different system). This access saves you time and money.

As a certified Xero advisor and Silver Partner, we have the ability to get you up and running on Xero and train you to use it efficiently.

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Her ongoing support over the smallest thing continues to this day, which makes everyday business a breeze.

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